Oribo Project

The Oribo project is in the San Rafael de Oribo area of western Chihuahua State, Mexico. These concessions are located about 23 km west of Monterde and 25 km north of the Palmarejo and Guazapares districts.

The primary exploration target on the property consists of strongly silicified and brecciated limestone and marble with local skarn occurrences near the contact with intrusions of intermediate composition. Manhattan Minerals (Manhattan) previously explored a portion of the property in 1996 and 1997.

  • 1.5 km by 200 m open-ended gold soil anomaly defined by Manhattan Minerals
  • Manhattan drilled 10 core holes with three significant intercepts:
    • 29.6 m of 1.46 g/t Au
    • 3.96 m of 2.03 g/t Au
    • 5.79 m of 2.15 g/t Au

Exploration work carried out on the Oribo property by EXMIN during the late 2000s confirmed gold mineralization over a large area measuring 1.5 km by 0.5 km in strongly silicified and brecciated carbonate rocks with abundant iron oxides and local skarn occurrences. Rock chip samples yielded significant gold values in several exposures; individual rock chip samples reported gold values of as much as 30.7 grams per metric ton (g/t) and contiguous rock chip samples yielded the following intervals:

  • Las Minitas, 7.4 m of 4.7 g/t Au within a wider zone of 25 m of 2.1 g/t Au
  • San Antonio Obra #2, 12.3 m of 5.2 g/t Au and 10.7 m of 5.5 g/t Au
  • Las Minitas arroyo, 5.9 m of 7.9 g/t Au, and
  • San Rafael arroyo, 3.8 m of 8.7 g/t Au.

Other pertinent information is:

Gold mineralization hosted mainly by altered and brecciated carbonate rocks and local skarn near the contact with an intrusive body

Of 102 samples taken by EXMIN, 38 assayed more than 1 g/t Au and averaged 6.8 g/t Au.