Arechuyvo Project

The Arechuyvo project lies in a region with large exposures of Mesozoic limestone and shale that have been intruded by a large granodiorite pluton near Arechuyvo and numerous mineral occurrences are present. The area is prospective for epithermal precious metal mineralization and for copper skarns and polymetallic replacement mineralization.

Limited reconnaissance on the project was completed by the previous owner, EXMIN, and consisted mainly of visits to internal concessions and known mineral occurrences; approximately 100 samples were taken. Compilation of available regional geologic data was completed, including 1:50,000 geology and stream sediment sampling from the Servicio Geologico Mexicano. In addition, airborne magnetometry from the Servicio Geologico Mexicano was reprocessed and an aster survey was completed. Several areas of interest for further work were identified.