Community Contributions


Bolivar & Cusi

Social Responsibility

At Dia Bras Mexicana we are committed to promoting the development of the communities in which we operate. In addition to bolstering local employment, Dia Bras provides assistance to the area’s most vulnerable groups, supports local schools, helps to improve road infrastructure in the area and develops environmental activities to preserve the flora and forests of the area.

Providing support and supply of materials for the repair of house fences

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Promoting and supporting various events at local schools

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Providing donations to children in the community in celebration of Children's Day

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Providing medical consultations and support to vulnerable groups within the community


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Reforestation & Gardening Program

As part of its commitment to the environment, Dia Bras Mexicana has carried out a reforestation campaign with 4,500 pine trees planted in the area surrounding the mining unit, as well as 30 red oaks with diverse flora, throughout 2019.

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Gardens with endemic flora of the area have been planted on the property

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Initiating local environmental programs

Working with Urique Municipal Authorities, Dia Bras Mexicana has donated almost one hundred trash bins to the communities of Urique.

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Supporting local infrastructure projects

Dia Bras has also collaborated in the construction of the airstrip in the town of Cieneguita. Since its construction, the community has enjoyed a successful air taxi system, which allows the inhabitants of the area to connect more quickly and efficiently to the urban areas of Chihuahua and the state of Sonora.

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